Slot Machine Money Management

slot-machineAlways know where you financially stand when you are going to make your Casino Choice. This is the first rule of money management. Ignorance may be bliss, but who wants to be blissfully broke? Make use of the counters on the slots to your advantage and never play credits. Cashing in and playing coins will slow down the game. The benefit of this is that if the game is not going your way, the bleeding will be a little more controlled.

If you are simply not hitting on a machine, take a break and do a few laps around the casino. The worst that will happen is your pedometer will get a bit of a workout while you clear your head.

When playing a machine, be a specialist. Don’t play machines willy nilly, rather go to the machines that you understand and are comfortable with. Having our favorites is part of the fun, and if playing is not enjoyable, what is the point?

When playing the online slots you will find that every now and then it is good for the soul to through a Hail Mary pass, figuratively speaking of course. If you are up, and feeling a bit froggy, take a chance on high end machine. If you do get a hit, well you did your best. Do not make a habit of this behavior unless your last name is Hilton or Trump.

Read the machine, make sure you understand the payoff schedule on any slot you play, you will avoid disappointment. Once you have done this you will avoid certain machines.

When you can, limit your play to one coin play. You don’t always need to play three coins, particularly on high end machines, ($1.00 $5.00 and up). Find machines that will allow one coin play and still payout the maximum. We are not talking about pay for play type machines or three or five liners. We are referring to single line machines that payout on all symbols for 1 coin.

Take some good advice from Sinatra and do it your way. Just because a machine takes up to 5 plus coins does not mean you have to play that many. If you read the machine you will see that, in many cases, that the payout per coin is exactly the same relative value. In other words many slots will pay X for 1 coin and 2X for 2 coins and 3X for 3 coins.

Remember the power of luck. If you win a jackpot you have luckily been in the right place at the right time.

Free Online Slot Games

online-slotsThere is a large selection of Free Online Slot Games all with varying rules. Free Online Slot Games were first developed to increase the interest of Online Slots in casinos. Skill plays a major factor in winning and when playing the progressive jackpots below a player may be wise to change their strategy.

Free Slot Games brings the excitement of playing slots from your home computer. Hundreds of players gather at gaming sites to play real money  games every night.

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