Slots brief history of origin

Unlike many other casino games, the historical preface of slot machines is seemingly not foggy as the early slots prototypes came into the view in 1870s. The man behind the creation of the magical machines was undoubtedly Charley Fey who firstly, in the year 1895, pioneered slot machines and was creditably known to be the “Father of the Slot Machine” soon.

To speak volumes, in the year 1895, in San Francisco, Charley Fey’s, a Bavarian immigrant pushed himself into the creation of Liberty Bell, the first slot machine. He later produced significant modifications to improve the working style of his original slot machine invention. His invention was, though, not a good success; yet several modifications were followed into the course of the machine. In the course of the year 1930, slot machines could be found in variations with colorful exteriors and popular themes.

Finally, in 1990 the slot machines resulted into creating a broad popularity in the Internet as online casinos. The market flourished in a profuse scale, making the fortune of slots really bright to this day.

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