Debunking Some Popular Slot Machine Myths

video slot mythsI know many of have seen this type of article out there, the slot machine strategy guide.

Due to the fact that there is a massive amount of Strategy articles for Slot Machines out there, you may be inclined to believe that there is a surefire way to make money playing slots.

Well, there isn’t any way to cheat the slot machines at an online casino. In fact, if you end up playing at a unsavory online casino, you might be the one to get cheated upon. That’s why you should take a look at this list of rogue online casinos.

The only thing that you can control is your overall strategy while betting. This gives you a general guideline on how often a payline will hit statistically over the long haul and adjusting your betting accordingly.

Since there are so many slot machine strategies out there I think we should try to slim some of them down. If one of those Strategy Guides that you are looking up, promises you to win big, just skip it.

There is no way that the author, himself or her self, can know what your slot machines RNG will do for you that day.

With this article we will debunk some of the most common strategies out there, but in order to do that we need to teach you some of the basic information on the Slot Machines. Some of which will debunk some of the strategies in and of itself.

Random Number Generators

First off we have the RNG. The RNG, Random Number Generator, which is the computer chip inside the Slot Machine, that generates 1,000 different symbol combinations per second.

The RNG computer chip generates these symbol combinations using algorithms. Algorithms are basically an effective method for solving a problem with finite sequence of instructions.

This can produce an infinite amount of data. The RNG chip will give you a sequence of symbols, and then generate whether or not you have won that spin. This means that every time you put in a coin you get a set of symbols generated for you.

In essence you can calculate your odds of winning the Jackpot, but every time you pull down on that lever you essentially have the same exact amount of chance every time you play.

But the odds basically mean that if you play the machine that certain amount of times it is most likely that you will win the Jackpot. It is not guaranteed, but it usually works. But one cannot rely on the odds to figure out if you would ever win that Jackpot or not.

Changing Bet Sizes

Now we will go on to depict why the bet sizing does not work. This basically depicts that no matter how much or how little you bet on a certain play or game you have no effect on the RNG, since it is a randomly generated computer chip.

So you can bet what you want without affecting the symbols that you will eventually see in the end. So don’t make a massive bet, because it has no way of affecting the way your spin turns out.

The above also applies to the strategists that tell you to find the loose machines, or the best slots. Since the Slot Machines in and of themselves are completely computer generated there is no way one of them can be loose, due to the fact that the Slot Machine generates so many numbers every second.

Besides that, who do you think controls the rate that a slot machine pays out at. Obviously the answer is the online casino that host the video slot. A good online casino will have a normal slots payout rate of 95% or so, but some of the bad online casino can be as low as 75%. That means for every $1 you put in, you can normally expect to see 75 cents won over the long haul.

You best chance of winning any money is when you accept a online slot bonus like one of these from one of the online casinos. This helps slots players out by compensating for the natural deficit that you will incur by playing slots over time. Many online casinos offer their best bonuses to online slot players.

Charting Slot Machines

There is also a term called play charting. In which you write down what you’re games were every time that you played them. In a randomly generated computer chip that strategy wouldn’t work due to the fact that it’s completely computer generated.

So you are just basically writing down your plays every time. It is not worth the effort, and the chance of getting arthritis one day if you tend to play a lot.

I hope that I have cleared up some of the myths that have been floating around out there. I hope you now realize that Slot Machines are a game of chance, and luck. Let’s just hope the next lucky one is you.

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